3930 Cass Ave., Detroit, MI, 48201-1722, USA Phone: 313-831-3830

Quality sound is a priority of The Old Miami. The sound system constists of approximately 3500 watts of QSC amplification in a 3-way stereo configuration with two monitor mixes -- controled by a Sammick 2404 mixing console and an abundance of outboard effects and dynamics controls.

All performers at The Old Miami will be treated to a dedicated proffessional live sound engineer free of charge.

Live recording is available via arrangement with the sound technician. The standard method is a stereo recording on DAT, CD, or audio cassette via a matrix that provides a good level or recording mix control. For more information contact sound@theoldmiamidetroit.com.

Below are some live recording samples in downloadable .mp3 format.


These mp3 tunes have been run through a mastering process for optimum percieved volume and equalization. Raw CD recordings from the Old Miami will likely need individual mastering attention if a song is to be used in a CD or .mp3 release for the radio or the public. Entire live sets will need track assignments on CD releases so that they will cue properly on CD players.

Right-click on the title and choose "Save Target As..." and make sure you know where you saved it! If you need an mp3 player get WINAMP.

The Stratuspherius Trio
Our most unique offerring to date. What happens when a classical violin virtuoso missing his guitar player tackles Hendrix-tinged Klezmer? Check it out.

Petal to the metal. You might wanna wear a helmet.
Spazgrunge national act
Funk rock inna fresh way
From the stinky southwest Detroit -- hey


Please direct inquiries to sound@theoldmiamidetroit.com